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July 17, 2011 · 10 comments

3-954-41  stock photo of Germany, Munich, Oktoberfest, Looking through the fence

Here are three essential tools that I use to help search for images on the web. Each one is a Chrome extension allows you to select an image on a web page using a contextual menue and find other places online where the image is used.

  • Anni Bricca

    Thank you David! I keep forgetting you can search on images. Very handy!

  • great post David.

  • Colin Campbell

    Very helpful David.

  • Cool David

  • Porosh Rahman

    Wow thanks very much for this! got some really good information.

  • cool very cool

  • Thanks very much David, I’m always looking for good pictures!

    Much appreciated!

    All the best, Peter

  • Hi David

    As a webmaster I spend ages and considerable money on images for client websites.

    What is your best source recommendation for buying/sourcing images

    Thanks – Mick

  • Thanks David. Gorgeous blog theme! 

  • Look like some great tools for finding pictures.

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