Cumberland Gap

June 4, 2011 · 2 comments

7-740-744  stock photo of Kentucky, Southeast, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Morning fog

My wife Sally grew up in Middlesboro, Kentucky, near the tri-state border with Tennessee and Virginia and adjacent to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. In the 1750s the early American settlers looking for more land in the West (as was Kentucky in that time) discovered the low mountain pass across the mountains which became the immigrants’ gateway to Kentucky and north to the Ohio Valley.

For this shot I drove into the park well before dawn to reach the highpoint, Pinnacle Overlook, while the fog was still settled in the mountain valleys. As sun rose and began to warm the air, the fog gradually dissipated, revealed the bright autumn foliage carpeting the ridge.

  • Caramx

    Pinnacle Overlook is one of the most beautiful places on earth – I did some low-impact camping there once, not sure if it was legal. 

  • GORGEOUS! Love the hills and colors and the clouds!  Love the East Coast mountains.

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