March 2009

iPhones and iPhones

March 28, 2009

Apple iPhone engineer RIch Heley for RPI magazine

For this assignment for Rensselaer School of Engineering magazine, the challenge was to show Rich Heley, chief engineer of Apple’s iPhone manufacturing project, in a way that emphasized the intricate precision of the development process, and his own personal attention to detail….

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March 24, 2009

Years ago, in a different life, I worked on a systems project using the Smalltalk language. Most of the development projects of that era were enormous exercises, carefully planned, projected, reviewed and re-reviewed before the first lines of code were written. The requirements stage, figuring out what was wanted, took forever, back and forth among […]

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Stock Photo Search

March 24, 2009

  Enter one or more keywords to search thousands of online images.Or directly search David Sanger images at Getty Images or Alamy

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WordPress and reworking the website

March 23, 2009

Surprising, perhaps, but nothing is as easy as it seems at first. What started as a simple task last week to add commenting to my blog entries, turned into a major recasting of the website and several days of lost time. For the past four years the site has been run on a combination of […]

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Time to Start Blogging Again

March 19, 2009

Time to Start Blogging Again

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Buenos Aires Tango shoot

March 14, 2009

8-801-5598  stock photo of Argentina, Buenos Aires, Tango dancers

Images from our tango shoot in Buenos Aires are now up on the Getty Images site…

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What is So Special About This Place

March 9, 2009

PhotoMedia magazine story on David Sanger

David Sanger: What’s So Special About This Place?
by Eric Rudolph

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March 8, 2009

8-550-2 stock photo of Laos, Vientiane, Monks on riverbank

Vientiane, Laos, on the banks of the sleepy Mekong river, is a city in the midst, a confluence of traditional Buddhist culture, bureaucratic communism and an emerging consumer marketplace of goods and ideas.

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Stilt Walkers

March 7, 2009

8-62-28  stock photo of Tobago, Children practising stilt walking for Carnival
We don’t often get to see the behind the scenes preparations for parades and festivals. These kids on a country road in Tobago must have put in long hours to master the art of stilt-walking for Mardi Gras.

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Carnival Dancer

March 6, 2009

8-176-4  stock photo of Trinidad, Carnival, Costumed dancer

Carnival in Trinidad is a whirlwind of light sound and constant movement. Getting a clean background is a challenge…

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