June 2009


June 23, 2009

8-509-80  stock photo of Weddings, Bride and groom, hands and rings

Hands have always fascinated me, the rough, the fine, the cautious, the workaday, the tender, the strong…..

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Finding Music

June 8, 2009

3-654-76  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Makrigiani, Bouzouki player

Sometimes we get where we are going in the most circuitous way.

Today I discovered a recording artist I had never heard of and a song I really enjoy…

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Stock Photography Licensing Models Podcast

June 8, 2009

Recently I was a guest on a podcast on PhotoNetCast.com discussing stock photography licensing models with Rich Legg, a primary iStockPhoto contributor. The discussion was wide-ranging covering how to get into the business, how it is changing, expected revenue and returns and why certain buyers and photographers choose RM, RF or microstock for image licensing. […]

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