October 2009

New FTC Rules that Travel and Photography Bloggers Should Note

October 29, 2009

9-254-66  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Mannequins in shop window

Travel photographers. Have you ever receieved free or discounted gear or travel ?
The FTC has proposed new rules on disclosure and endorsements which all travel journalists should review and understand.

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Saving the Bay documentary on PBS

October 15, 2009

2-410-925  stock photo of California, San Francisco Bay, Angel Island State ParkProducers Ron Blatman and Miles Saunders have put together a masterful 4-part HDTV documentary on the long story of Saving San Francisco Bay. Parts 3 and 4 air tonight Oct 15th at 8pm on KQED TV in San Francisco (repeated on Sunday). Don’t miss it.

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To the Summit of Pico de Orizaba

October 13, 2009

1-15-17  stock photo of Mexico, Rope team on the Jamapa Glacier, Pico de Orizaba
Step, breathe, breathe. Step, breathe, breathe. Silhouetted against a clear dawn sky a fragile filament of climbers slowly makes its way up a steep icy slope…

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PicScout announces Image Registry and licensing affiliate program

October 12, 2009

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How do you identify an image you find on the web and find the copyright holder if you want to license the image?

This is the core question that concerns photographers when Orphan Works legislation is discussed, and the impetus behind the PhotoMetadata project to embed identifying information. Now a possible solution has emerged…

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Ibn Battuta and his Shopping Mall

October 8, 2009

8-730-9248 stock photo of United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, arched ceiling with decorative tiles
Travel has not always been as easy as it is now. My journey from San Francisco to Frankfurt to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was a scant 26 hours, relaxing in Boeing and Airbus comfort. Compare this to fourteenth-century traveler Ibn Battuta….

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Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars

October 6, 2009

0-606-12  stock photo of India, Goa, Krishna with bow and arrow

William Patry has recently written a fascinating book entitled Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars which should be illuminating reading for every photographer interested in copyright in the digital age.

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The Lesson of the Crossing of the Sands

October 2, 2009

4-387-4  stock photo of China, Dunhuang, Camel caravan, Mingsha sand dunes
This is the lesson of the crossing of the sands. Remember it…

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