Black on White and White on Black

November 3, 2009 · 9 comments

5-720-4048  stock photo of Still life, Cup and chopsticks

If you are a frequent visitor here you’ll notice a new look. Black text on white background.

After many years with a signature black background, this might seem a drastic, even risky move. Why then change? The primary reason is readability. With my increasing emphasis on blogging and social media in addition to the stock image search and portfolio presentation, there is more and more text on the pages. Several people commented privately that the white text black background was hard to read and he whole point of the exercise is for people to be able to read easily.

Commentary on web-design shows this is a widespread point of view for pages that are text-heavy; see the extended comments on 456 Berea Street. Several research projects on the topic are described in Joe Dolton’s blog on Accessible Web Design and at length in comments on Stack Overflow.

You can still see the old color scheme on my Photoshelter archive where the images are emphasized and there is little text.

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