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June 8, 2009 · 0 comments

3-654-76  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Makrigiani, Bouzouki player

Sometimes we get where we are going in the most circuitous way.

Today I discovered a recording artist I had never heard of and a song I really enjoy, Carla Bruni – Le Plus Beau Du Quartier. What is fascinating to me is the roundabout and serendipitous wav I got there, and the interesting places I stopped along the way, and what I learned.

It started with following a link on Kevin Marks’ Friend Feed where he quoted Fred Wilson commenting on a post by Josh Koppelman about shrinking markets. Fred is a venture capitalist, and investor in Twitter, Tumblr and Disqus, and blogs at There I found the video of a talk on Disruptive Economy at Google.

After the video I read several other posts including Is Momblogging The New Radio?

Which led me to Jennifer McKinney’s blog My Charming Kids

Where I found a link to Jennifer’s great childrens’ photography site

Where she played several songs including Le Plus Beau Du Quartier which I then tracked down on

A long way round, but I’ll have more to say soon on disruptive economy, shrinking markets and how I think it applies to the future of stock photography and media. Meanwhile I am enjoying the music.

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