Sam Bloomberg-Rissman

August 15, 2005 · 0 comments

My long time assistant Sam Bloomberg-Rissman is moving to Spain to continue his career as a travel photographer. I first met Sam just after he graduated from UC Berkeley in Economics. Eager to learn the ins and outs of the photography business he undertook to run my studio, with all the craziness of stock photo sales, urgent deadlines, endless folders of scanned images to Photoshop, and then digital images to convert and adjust – a never ending stream of images

His first foray overseas as a photographer was to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and he brought back fresh crisp images of difficult as well as classical subjects, all on film.

Spain and Italy were next and shooting with the D70 gave him new creative energy. As an active participant in Flickr conversations he’s raised a few eyebrows with his provocative imagery and color.

So Sam, we wish you luck in Malaga, in all your travels and shooting and in stock sales at Alamy and elsewhere. Check it out

S5-90-5321 stock photo of Portraits, Young lady and tulip

© Sam Bloomberg-Rissman. Click on image for licensing and fine art prints.

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