Stock Artists Alliance

January 20, 2006 · 0 comments

The business of stock photography is rapidly changing. With the rapid spread of digital images and on-line photo sales, individual photographers are continually challenged to find new and profitable markets for their images and to keep attuned to rapid technical advances.

Stock Artists Alliance is a professional association dedicated to protecting the rights of stock photographers. With over five hundred members contributing to 150 distributors including Getty Images, Corbis, Jupiter and Alamy, SAA is the only associated specifically focussed on rights-managed stock photographers’ needs and businesses.

This may sound like a plug. Well it is in a way! This year I’ll be serving as President and so will have a chance to meet many members, and also represent SAA and upcoming meetings with PACA ASPP and other photography groups.

If you are a stock photographer and want to learn more about making your business successful, both in working with distributors worldwide, small and large, and in marketing direct, consider becoming a member.

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