The Surprise of Shipping Photography

May 13, 2011 · 8 comments

7-678-5285  stock photo of Shipping, Containers stacked on container ship, view from stern

When I first started in photography what interested me most were landscapes, sunsets, dramatic light, interesting colors and subjects. It came as quite a surprise then, when I turned my attention to industrial projects, and found a similar experience of excitement and engagement with my subject.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be such a surprise. Training as a photographer meant developing the capacity to see – to see beauty in everyday things, to notice the quality of light, to observe light and texture, movement and moment, and to simplify the image by removing everything that doesn’t need to be there. This is exactly what makes excellent industrial photography (and even portraits for that matter).

In the coming days then I’ll be putting together a portfolio of shipping and industrial images from past projects. And I’d be interested in any of your thoughts about the crossover from travel and landscape to commercial industrial and shipping photography.

1-490-10  stock photo of California, San Francisco Bay, Tanker Gaz Master approaching Carquinez Bridge

California, San Francisco Bay

5-700-4897  stock photo of Sweden, Goteborg, Container ship

Goteborg, Sweden

7-620-9251  stock photo of China, Shanghai, Crane in shipyard

Shanghai, China

7-678-5923  stock photo of Shipping, Container being lifted by crane


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