Holiday 2006

December 25, 2006 · 0 comments

4-974-1  stock photo of California, Christmas wreath

How to show Christmas and Hope for the future?? This wreath on a lamppost caught my eye one winter day. Although I didn’t have a clear intent at the time I took a number of shots against the sky, cropping out as much of the lamp as possible and then put it aside for creative work later. After forgetting about it for a year or so I remembered it one evening and set about in Photoshop to see where it would lead. The simple elements of green wreath and red ribbon and blue sky, primary colors, plus the ethereal look of it floating in space, gave just the right feeling of lightness. It reminded me too of a glass sculpture at the Australian National Museum in Canberra. Though not yet on the market as a stock image, this might do well as a concept shot.

And a Holiday greeting…

For the year to come, best wishes for you all, and hopefully some hints of peace in the world…For children, those in the Middle East and those in any need or trouble, special prayers and care… that we all may continue to see and be thankful for this still, truly amazing world….David..2006

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