Kagga Kamma

December 9, 2010 · 1 comment

5-504-19  stock photo of South Africa, Western Cape, Rock formation, Kagga Kamma

The dry semi-desert region of South Africa known as the Succulent Karoo stretches north along the coast from Cape Town to across the Namibia Border and is home to an unusual profusion of wildflowers and desert rock-formations. In the southern range of the Karoo near the Cederberg Mountains, the private game reserve of Kagga Kamma offers a chance to explore close-up the unusual landscape.

Setting out in the crisp pre-dawn light I looked for an position where the rugged towers and uncannily convoluted rocks and cliffs would be silhouetted agains the morning sky. The smooth crescent moon above the horizon provide visual balance agains the sharp rock edges. One of the rocks, looking like an old auto chassis hoisted onto a clifftop perch, adds a touch of humor and mystery. A long exposure, shot on Fuji film, gives the deep color saturation and slight color shift, adding to the dramatic impact of the image.

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