How to post comments in another language with Google Translate

March 14, 2011 · 0 comments

If you are following a multilingual conversation or want to comment in a thread where people don’t speak English, it can be helpful to translate your comment into another language. Google Translate provides easy to use sentence translation, but often gives really odd results. Here’s how to get acceptable results:

1. Open two Google Translate windows, one above the other, one set to translate from English to your destination language, the other set to translate from that language back to English.

2. Enter your comment in the first window, and press translate to see the result. Then cut and paste the result into the second window below and translate back to English. You may get a funny mistranslation, almost, but not quite right:

3. Now it is a question of just adjusting the language bit by bit, simplifying, until you get an exact reverse translation. That way you avoid idioms and colloquialisms the automated system can’t translate correctly.

4. Your Arabic, Chinese or Hindi-speaking friends will appreciate it and not laugh quite so much.

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