The Piano Player of Kiev

December 8, 2013

Finding the source of a photo on the web is seldom easy. This photo of a serene piano player on the streets of Kiev, playing placidly in the rain while facing helmeted security forces, quickly went viral yesterday. Here is how I found the source…

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June 25, 2013

7-640-695  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Tourist photographing the Porch of the Caryatids, Erectheion

The practice of sharing images is not new. When I was in college we cut photos out of magazines and pinned them to dorm-room walls along with postcards and our own snapshots and polaroids. Today’s dorm-room wall is social media,

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Picscout updates Image Search

November 16, 2010

Can automated image recognition software help photo buyers connect more easily with stock photo agencies and individual photographers and quickly identify and license images they find on the Web? Picscout, the 8-year-old Silicon Valley and Israel-based startup is betting yes….

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Beware of Photo Contests

January 19, 2010

The cover of a travel guidebook is key to its success. Publishers have always put a lot of effort into picking just the right image to sell a book and its destination, and have paid well for the usage. That is, until now.

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PicScout announces Image Registry and licensing affiliate program

October 12, 2009

1-680-22  stock photo of California, Gold Country, Miner, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
How do you identify an image you find on the web and find the copyright holder if you want to license the image?

This is the core question that concerns photographers when Orphan Works legislation is discussed, and the impetus behind the PhotoMetadata project to embed identifying information. Now a possible solution has emerged…

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Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars

October 6, 2009

0-606-12  stock photo of India, Goa, Krishna with bow and arrow

William Patry has recently written a fascinating book entitled Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars which should be illuminating reading for every photographer interested in copyright in the digital age.

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April 1, 2009

LIFE magazine and Getty images have teamed up in a new website to allow viewing and licensing of their collection of millions of images.

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