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June 25, 2013

7-640-695  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Tourist photographing the Porch of the Caryatids, Erectheion

The practice of sharing images is not new. When I was in college we cut photos out of magazines and pinned them to dorm-room walls along with postcards and our own snapshots and polaroids. Today’s dorm-room wall is social media,

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TRVL Magazine

December 9, 2012

5-750-8932  stock photo of Canada, Quebec City, Fetes de la Nouvelle France, Parade. Facing fewer stock sales, closing print magazines, and online competition, Dutch travel photographer Jochem took a step that may augur a hopeful future direction for photographers. He began publishing a free iPad magazine, TRVL

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Top 5 places to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge

September 16, 2011

5-311-36  stock photo of California, Marin County, Golden Gate Bridge, north tower

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Photography and Social Media

December 8, 2009

9-501-2  stock photo of Niue, Young Sunday School teachers, Avatele churchEverywhere you look the world of digital media seems in turmoil. Social media, location-aware and now augmented-reality…

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Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars

October 6, 2009

0-606-12  stock photo of India, Goa, Krishna with bow and arrow

William Patry has recently written a fascinating book entitled Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars which should be illuminating reading for every photographer interested in copyright in the digital age.

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Creating Value in Travel Photography

September 8, 2009

7-620-41  stock photo of China, Shanghai, Buddha, Longhua Temple

With an ever-increasing supply of travel images, declining prices and a fixed amount of attention in the consumer universe, what are the best options for a travel photographer to create uncommon value?

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