November 11, 2005

4-900-812  stock photo of Ireland, Fermanagh, Irvinestown, Central Bar

Ireland is proud of her whisky – triple distilled, single-malt and finer than the finest Scotch, they say.

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August 15, 2005

5-730-3576  stock photo of Drink, AquavitAt the Grinda Wardshus, on the island of Grinda in the Stockholm Archipelago, the potent Swedish liqour aquavit is daily fare…

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Swedish Cuisine

August 14, 2005

West Sweden is becoming well-known for fine restaurants such as Fond in Goteborg and Salt and Sill in Klädesholmen, part of a gourmet trail known as the Vastsvensk Mersmak which ranges from Goteborg north along the coast to the Norwegian border. Editors: For a more detailed story proposal and background contact the studio.

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Wines of the Cape

May 19, 2005

1-415-77  stock photo of South Africa, Franschhoek, Sunrise on Groot Drakensteinberg

Behind a stately seventeenth-century mansion, set in a formal garden flanked by five ancient camphor trees, rows of manicured grape vines rise towards a phalanx of rugged peaks, maroon in the clear dusk light. On a similar crisp windy evening, 350 years ago, the first Dutch settlers urged their wagons across the low passes to the fertile valleys inland…

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Elegant Expectations

March 17, 2005

Barbados Platinum Coast for Caribbean Travel & Life

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Fruits of the Vine

March 1, 2005

South Africa wine country for Endless Vacation

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February 18, 2005

3-301-34  stock photo of California, Napa County, Vineyards on Howell Canyon Road

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February 11, 2005

3-493-50  stock photo of Fod, Mille feuille of white and dark chocolate

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