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Searching for Images

July 17, 2011

3-954-41  stock photo of Germany, Munich, Oktoberfest, Looking through the fence

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The Business of Travel Photography – Shutterbug

May 10, 2011

5-469-13  stock photo of South Africa, Cape Town, Table Mountain and city at dawn from Lions HeadThe world of travel photography has undergone profound changes in the last few years with the introduction of digital media and distribution channels. Where does that leave the prospective travel photographer? ….

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Getting out the Door

March 3, 2010

5-124-28  stock photo of California, Missions, Gate to cemetery, La Purisima Mission

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Getting the shot in Shanghai

February 3, 2010

7-620-41  stock photo of China, Shanghai, Buddha, Longhua Temple
Focus. Concentration. Iconic. Impact. Travel images work best when they communicate simply and directly with the viewer. Making a simple picture, however, is often more difficult and time-consuming than taking a complicated photo….

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Photographing the Golden Gate

January 20, 2010

4-526-27  stock photo of California, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge from Baker BeachBeneath the gnarled pines of the headlands of the Golden Gate, rank upon rank of whitecaps roll in across the Pacific Ocean. With a muffled roar they spend themselves in a surge of foam on the rocks and sands….

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Stock Photography Licensing Models Podcast

June 8, 2009

Recently I was a guest on a podcast on discussing stock photography licensing models with Rich Legg, a primary iStockPhoto contributor. The discussion was wide-ranging covering how to get into the business, how it is changing, expected revenue and returns and why certain buyers and photographers choose RM, RF or microstock for image licensing. […]

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May 29, 2009

4-130-21  stock photo of Tibet, Monk circumambulating Labrang Monastery, Xiahe

Every photographer at some point in their career asks themselves “Why am I doing this?”. It is an excellent question and one which warrants careful thought…

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February 25, 2009

PhotoMedia magazine feature story on David Sanger Photography

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February 20, 2009

3-650-94  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon at night from Filopapou Hill

What does it take to be a photographer? Some say that with digital equipment, “Anyone can take great photos now. All you have to do is point and shoot. The camera does the rest.”…

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Featured Photographer

April 19, 2006

David Sanger has always had a yearning for travel, ever since he first emigrated from the UK to the US at age seven. Combining that with a successful stock and editorial photography business, however, has been quite a challenge (and accomplishment). It may seem like everyone’s dream job: fly to India and photograph royal palace […]

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