Prague Moon

January 27, 2010

4-960-7449  stock photo of Czech Republic, Prague, Bridges on the River Vlatava

Prague has an ethereal, dreamy tone to it at times. The cobbled streets, the restrained excitement of the crowds, the busy shopping streets….

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What is So Special About This Place

March 9, 2009

PhotoMedia magazine story on David Sanger

David Sanger: What’s So Special About This Place?
by Eric Rudolph

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March 8, 2009

8-550-2 stock photo of Laos, Vientiane, Monks on riverbank

Vientiane, Laos, on the banks of the sleepy Mekong river, is a city in the midst, a confluence of traditional Buddhist culture, bureaucratic communism and an emerging consumer marketplace of goods and ideas.

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Stilt Walkers

March 7, 2009

8-62-28  stock photo of Tobago, Children practising stilt walking for Carnival
We don’t often get to see the behind the scenes preparations for parades and festivals. These kids on a country road in Tobago must have put in long hours to master the art of stilt-walking for Mardi Gras.

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Carnival Dancer

March 6, 2009

8-176-4  stock photo of Trinidad, Carnival, Costumed dancer

Carnival in Trinidad is a whirlwind of light sound and constant movement. Getting a clean background is a challenge…

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Kashgar Shave

March 5, 2009

4-416-37  stock photo of China, Kashgar, Getting a shave at the Sunday market
Unexpected scenes, like a trusting fellow getting a close shave in Kashgar market, call for quick action…

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Mandawa Castle

March 5, 2009

7-364-15  stock photo of India, Rajasthan, Gatekeeper, Mandawa Castle

The doorman at Mandawa Castle Hotel, complete with red turban and white beard, took a relaxed pose, framed in the ornate doorway of the intensely fortified castle…

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Monks on Bridge

March 4, 2009

0-383-11  stock photo of Thailand, Sukhothai, Monks on bridge, Si Satchanalai town

While covering the historic capital of Sukhothai with the Tourist Board of Thailand I saw a group of saffron-robed monks heading out before dawn with their begging bowls…

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Alaskan Dancer

March 2, 2009

5-650-3981  stock photo of Alaska, Kodiak, Alaskan Native dancer

An Alaskan teenager at the local high-school in Kodiak waits during an intermission in a native dance presentation…

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Flamenco Dancer

March 2, 2009

1-200-7  stock photo of Spain, Jerez, Pena la Zua, Flamenco festival

Much of the action in Jerez, the flamenco center of Andalusia, takes place late at night in tiny, crowded peñas (nightclubs) with song, dance and music until the early hours of the morning…

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