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The Piano Player of Kiev

December 8, 2013

Finding the source of a photo on the web is seldom easy. This photo of a serene piano player on the streets of Kiev, playing placidly in the rain while facing helmeted security forces, quickly went viral yesterday. Here is how I found the source…

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Back to Blogging

October 5, 2012

4-960-792  stock photo of Czech Republic, Prague, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square
It has been a full year sabbatical, a rest from regular blogging, and it is time to return.

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Photographers and Google Buzz

February 15, 2010

3-701-39  stock photo of Greece, Hydra, Man on donkey with cell phoneOn Tuesday Google released its new social media application Google Buzz and by Thursday it had 10 million users. Is this a harbinger of things to come? What does Buzz offer photographers seeking to engage with customers.

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Photographers work for Haiti Relief

January 27, 2010

Tuesday afternoon, just before 2pm PST, the 7.0 quake hit Haiti leveling much of Port au Prince. Not content with texting a contribution, San Francisco photojournalist Lane Hartwellwanted to do more. Why not produce a magazine as a fundraiser?

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Reading the Tea Leaves

January 14, 2010

3-494-91  stock photo of Food and People, Woman drinking teaWhat does 2010 hold for photographers? Will the economic recovery lead to a return to healthy profits? Will the abundance of digital media continue to drive up supply and drive down prices? Will newer technologies emerge to further disrupt the business of photography? or to offer startling new opportunities?

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Photography and Social Media

December 8, 2009

9-501-2  stock photo of Niue, Young Sunday School teachers, Avatele churchEverywhere you look the world of digital media seems in turmoil. Social media, location-aware and now augmented-reality…

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New FTC Rules that Travel and Photography Bloggers Should Note

October 29, 2009

9-254-66  stock photo of Greece, Athens, Mannequins in shop window

Travel photographers. Have you ever receieved free or discounted gear or travel ?
The FTC has proposed new rules on disclosure and endorsements which all travel journalists should review and understand.

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September 25, 2009

4-900-2162  stock photo of England, Gloucestershire, Two girls playing with binoculars

If we are to rethink the economics of media and find a way to cover the costs of production for what are increasingly quasi-public goods, then it might help to go back to the origins..

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