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March 11, 2011 · 1 comment

Several photographers responded to my call for portfolios of images of faith practices and experiences around the world.

Here are some who have responded so far

Craig Ferguson, Taiwan, chose 16 colorful images from Burma, India and Taiwan including a great closeup of one of the 8 Generals of Taiwanese folk religion in his post Of the East

Darin Rogers, Philippines also presented Asian images, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian from Philippines, Malaysia and Australia including a strong closeup of a golden robed Buddha mutra in Faith and People Power

Tom Bourdon, UK, found six very colorful images from Spain to India with a cute closeup of a boy in Bankkok peeking out from colored ribbons Global Faith

Darren Melrose, Taiwan showed a broad range of people shots, again from Asia, including a lovely shot of two monks making candlelit prayers to the Buddha in Myanmar/Burma in My Journeys of Faith

Joshua Fahler, Taiwan picked a series of portraits, old and young, painted faces and intense concentration during a Tainan Temple Dedication

Julie Holley, USA, presented a single image from the other side of the world, a solitary man praying on a New York subway, along with a meditation on conversion, grief and the sabbath in her blog post Situation Shabbat

From the original post which gave me the idea, Steve McCurry’s A Matter of Faith, his last image of the haunting and intent gaze of a monk at Jokhang temple, Lhasa, Tibet is just wonderful.

All great shots and well presented. Thanks and more welcome any time.

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