Eye Candy

December 13, 2013

7-261-9  stock photo of Clouds, Sunset on fogWith all the eye candy presented online it is easy to get jaded, to see such images as commodities, commercialized, trite and clichéd. But that is not the whole story…..

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TRVL Magazine

December 9, 2012

5-750-8932  stock photo of Canada, Quebec City, Fetes de la Nouvelle France, Parade. Facing fewer stock sales, closing print magazines, and online competition, Dutch travel photographer Jochem took a step that may augur a hopeful future direction for photographers. He began publishing a free iPad magazine, TRVL

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Spirit always stands still long enough

June 2, 2011

4-130-21  stock photo of Tibet, Monk circumambulating Labrang Monastery, Xiahe

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The Business of Travel Photography – Shutterbug

May 10, 2011

5-469-13  stock photo of South Africa, Cape Town, Table Mountain and city at dawn from Lions HeadThe world of travel photography has undergone profound changes in the last few years with the introduction of digital media and distribution channels. Where does that leave the prospective travel photographer? ….

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Photo Tour to Myanmar – Burma

April 26, 2011

It is always wonderful to photograph in Southeast Asia and so I am especially pleased to announce a new 10-day photo tour and workshop in Myanmar/ Burma this October. For those of you who have been asking about my workshops, this is your chance for hands-on instruction in one of the most photogenic countries and […]

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Snow on Mount Diablo

March 19, 2011

5-147-4  stock photo of California, Mt Diablo, View of snow capped Mt DiabloSnow in the San Francisco Bay area is a rare occurrence; every few years there’s a dusting at the higher elevations…

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More Images of Faith

March 11, 2011

Several photographers responded to my call for portfolios of images of faith practices and experiences around the world. Here are some who have responded so far Craig Ferguson, Taiwan, chose 16 colorful images from Burma, India and Taiwan including a great closeup of one of the 8 Generals of Taiwanese folk religion in his post […]

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Images of Faith

February 20, 2011

9-340-38  stock photo of Israel, Jerusalem, Dalai Lama, Interreligious Friendship Group, June 1999

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